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About Us

We are a Modish Digital Marketing and Branding Company

Agetake Kreatives is a team of creative web developers and designers, graphic designers, experienced photographers & videographers, and marketing and branding experts. We call ourselves Agetakers. We offer our customers the complete social media package in terms of a web presence, branding, and digital marketing.

Our main objective is customer satisfaction as happy customers always return for more business or refer new customers to us. This is why we go beyond what is required to ensure our customers have the best quality work at the most affordable prices in the market.

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We pride ourselves in being a one-stop shop for all your digital marketing and branding needs. Our services include:


Why choose either a beautiful design or results when you can have both? At Agetake Kreatives, our highly skilled team ensures that we combine beautiful designs of graphics with results.


With every business competing for the attention of digital platform users, we brand our customers in a unique way and market them in a manner that is digestible for social media users thereby increasing the exposure and business for our customers. Our digital marketing services include; search engine optimization, content creation, social media marketing, social media management, social media optimization, blogging, digital branding, and website management.


Information is likely to be more remembered when it is consumed visually than via text. Agetake Kreatives’ whiteboard explainer videos make it easier for visitors to your site to understand what your business offers and the benefits they are likely to draw from your site. Agetake is the cheapest provider of quality whiteboard videos anywhere.


In digital marketing, the website is like the nerve center or control room for all your online marketing needs. An effective internet marketing strategy leads visitors from various internet and social media sources to the website where they can find all the information they want about a business. At Agetake Kreatives, we provide you with an effective website that is optimized for high Google rankings and whose content is optimized for search engines. Our websites are top quality and guaranteed to keep your site visitors engaged throughout the buying process. We also offer web redesign and maintenance services.


Agetake Kreatives assists you to manage your business’ visibility through branding to allow you to maximize the financial gains from your business’ reputational capital. We position your brand to ensure it assumes a life of its own on digital media such that audiences can automatically recognize and link certain colors, statements, and logo with your business.


Do you have a corporate event that you want to be covered on camera? Perhaps a wedding, koito, or documentary? Agetake Kreatives provides photography and videography to both individuals and corporates. We also provide creative video advertisements complete from conceptualization to production.


We approach our work with passion and dedication. Here is some of our more recent work.


Why Choose US?

Are you still unconvinced? In addition to our many years of experience, affordable rates, and high quality services, here are some additional reasons why you should work with us:

We are reliable, affordable, hardworking, and honest. Our rates are the cheapest in the market (I mean, where else would you get a whiteboard video from as low as $25?). Despite our very affordable prices, our services are among the best. We are flexible and bend over backwards to ensure the best for our customers.

We have a customer reward system that allows our clients to earn points every time they successfully complete an order with us. Clients can redeem the points for free services. We also have an affiliate program that allows our clients to earn points for every new customer they direct to us.

To demonstrate our success to clients, we rely on social media evaluation tools, including Google Analytics, to demonstrate how our social media marketing activities prompted customers to eventually purchase a service or product or how our activities increased awareness about a brand.


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