Digital marketing is essential for Kenyan businesses as it makes marketing faster to potential customers. Traditional marketing campaigns are cumbersome and take a long time to implement. Usually, this involves holding meetings to decide on the appropriate message for the campaign, assessing various samples of messages created by the client, and then publishing these messages, either through print media or through mainstream media like radio and television. By the time the marketing campaign goes live, competitors using digital marketing services have a considerable head start giving them a bigger audience.

Digital marketing is fast because it relies on a virtual audience. With the increasing adoption of social media by prospective clients, especially the younger generation, it is necessary to reach them through the mediums they spend the most time. Effective digital marketing agencies, such as Agetake Kreatives in Eldoret, Kenya, ensure that all their clients’ messages are delivered to potential clients as soon as possible, providing quick updates via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts that customers can instantly view.

Interaction with clients

With a digital marketing strategy, Kenyan businesses can reach and communicate with their potential customers more efficiently, thereby enhancing their business. For instance, a potential customer can reach out to a business through a direct message on social media, to which the company can immediately respond. Further, companies can respond to customer suggestions faster through digital platforms than relying on older mediums like letters.

Digital marketing companies like Agetake Kreatives also help businesses react faster to market trends, keeping businesses abreast when customers require specific services. For instance, when a particular topic is trending, a company can get a wider audience by reacting to the trending topic or posting a message regarding the subject.


With digital marketing, a business can keep track of its customers and assess the growth rate achieved within specific timelines. Marketing on social media platforms enables companies to track audience engagement by monitoring likes, comments, and messages received from company posts made within a particular timeline. With these metrics, a company can identify whether they are growing in popularity amongst the target audience or whether they need to reassess their strategies to appeal to their audience.

At Agetake Kreatives, we help our clients track their engagement with customers on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis, following the growth rate to determine the company’s marketing success. Additionally, we can determine which marketing strategies do not work well amongst customers through the metrics, which we then scrap and replace with a more appealing approach. These metrics then help us maintain continued growth for our client’s businesses.


Marketing is a significant part of any company’s success. Traditionally, most businesses allocated a substantial portion of their budget to their marketing campaigns, hoping that they would reach a bigger audience and consequently increase sales. However, it is not always successful since it is difficult to determine the engagement with potential customers, which could create a huge loss. With digital marketing, however, companies can keep track of their growth, and thus it is impossible to incur heavy losses from marketing campaigns.

Additionally, digital marketing services in Kenya are significantly less expensive than traditional marketing strategies. At Agetake Kreatives, we offer clients affordable pricing for a market-leading slew of benefits. We seek to provide our clients with the best quality of service on the market, ensuring that all our operations get delivered on time. Further, Agetake Kreatives also prioritizes customers, ensuring that businesses have a cordial relationship with their customers and that their needs get satisfied. 

There are many more reasons why small businesses should embrace digital marketing. This article compares digital marketing to traditional marketing and justifies why small business owners even in rural towns, such as Eldoret, Kenya, should embrace digital marketing. Those that embrace digital marketing can get a few tips on how to create effective Facebook Ads and the benefits that come with outsourcing digital marketing to an agency.