LinkedIn is an amazing tool for professionals, and it’s growing faster than any other social media platform. But with over 800 million users on LinkedIn, it can be really difficult to stand out. Some of the factors that determine whether your LinkedIn profile is successful include; posting consistently, focusing on helpful content, strategically using hashtags, identifying optimal times to post content and engaging with other members by commenting on their posts or starting a discussion. In this article, we discuss these factors among others that will enable you to create a LinkedIn profile that will get a client, recruiter, or hiring manager’s attention.

Post consistently

Consistency is key when it comes to maintaining an engaging social media presence. Posting consistently on your LinkedIn profile will help you remain relevant to your audience, since they will always have something to view regarding your endeavors. Additionally, it is a widely known concept that “out of sight, out of mind” and thus, you should seek to remain as visible as possible to ensure that your audience can consistently understand your activities, regarding your business pursuits, which will also enhance engagement with your business. Achieving a consistent posting schedule can get achieved through creating a posting schedule, where you can plan out specific posts for each day, each with a particular message you need to communicate. These posts can be in the form of pictures or blog posts, and you should seek a variation of both to ensure maximum engagement with your target audience.

Focus on helpful content

While posting consistently is essential, it is also vital to create content that remains engaging to your audiences. Create content such as blog posts, or graphics which seek to entice viewers, which will increase your ability to convert viewers into customers. Good content for your LinkedIn profile should tackle trending topics in your field of expertise, specifically targeting any questions your customers and other potential viewers may have. Dealing with these topics will help keep your viewers engaged, since they can adequately fulfill their curiosity regarding any queries or interest held within your field of expertise. It also helps to be well researched on the content created, since this can make a huge difference in your credibility. Often, many content creators will choose “clickbait” topics, which use flashy messaging and enticing headlines to capture the attention of viewers. Most often, however, these messages get made without deep research, often relating to rumors made regarding these topics. Create a niche by having well-articulated and researched content, which will not only inform your audience, but also keep them engaged and yearning for future posts.

Strategically Use hashtags

Hashtags get used on social media to compile various posts from different profiles regarding a specific topic. Hashtags usually make content easily accessible for viewers, and it benefits your profile since you will get higher engagement with organic viewers without much effort. Hashtags could also become a trending topic on the LinkedIn platform, and it helps to have effective hashtags that will ensure your content is prominent for all visitors on the platform. Ensure that you keep abreast of all relevant trends within your region, and concerning your field of operation, as this will help you focus your content effectively to your target audience viewing specific hashtags.

Identify optimal times to post content

Scheduling when to post your content is a critical determinant to your visibility online. Statistically, most users are online during mid-morning hours, usually on weekdays, and this will affect how many viewers your content will reach. Statistics from social media platforms, including LinkedIn, show that the highest times of engagement are midweek mornings, specifically between 9am and 1pm. Most users are usually online during this period on weekdays, from Monday to Thursday. During weekends, there is little online engagement. Consequently, as you seek to get more online engagement with your audience, pick these specific times to post your content, with the guarantee that you will reach greater masses. Additionally, ensure to keep your content engaging, because during these peak hours is when most users will also simultaneously post, creating competition for the viewer. Make your content unique enough for viewers to not overlook.

Use visuals and infographics

Content utilizing images and infographics shows higher appeal amongst viewers on LinkedIn. All social media users find appeal in posts with appropriate graphics, as these capture their attention. Usually, when you have a viewer’s attention, they are more likely to linger on your profile, and thereafter, view more of your content. Through infographics, you can also conveniently convey your content to your audience through images, since your content will get incorporated into the images themselves. Through these infographics, you can communicate your message to your target audience quickly and clearly. Further clarification and content regarding the subject can get offered through links provided alongside the infographics for the audience to view when necessary.

Engage with other users

Collaborations with other content creators, as well as engaging with your audiences frequently, enhances the appeal of your LinkedIn profile, and consequently adds on the number of users interested in your content. Usually, users are more reactive to creators who are more relatable; those who engage frequently with their audiences. Engaging with other users could involve responding to comments and questions, as well as incorporating user input in your content, such that you enhance their experience. Creators who engage with their audiences frequently usually create a sense of relatability, where they create a bond that makes creating content and consuming it more streamlined.

Leverage LinkedIn Articles

LinkedIn articles are similar to blog posts, through which content creators can communicate to other users through long-form content. Through these articles, users can demonstrate their expertise in their fields, or entertain audiences, seeking to get a following of loyal viewers. Additionally, sharing relevant articles in your field will not only demonstrate your expertise, but will also show your audience that you have a firm grasp of the most recent happenings concerning your field.

Update your profile and skills sections

It is critical to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date if you want to remain visible and appealing to other users and potential partners. Whenever a user looks you up on LinkedIn, they first visit your page, from where they make a decision whether you fulfill the requirements they seek. When your profile is not updated, the viewer may shun you, based on the absence of recent activity. Customers and employers usually look for recent activity on your profile to gauge whether you are a fit for their requirements. The viewer will also review your skills section to identify what you can offer to them or their business, and consequently, it is critical that all your skillsets get highlighted prominently on your profile, preferably listed from the most proficient to the adequate.

Join relevant groups and be actively engaged

Joining relevant LinkedIn groups will also significantly improve your visibility on the platform, enabling you to interact with other creators and experts within your field. Through these groups, you can share your expertise, and conversely, learn from a large pool of other experts enhancing your knowledge regarding specific subjects. However, to adequately benefit from LinkedIn groups, you have to adequately participate in the relevant groups, posting frequently and offering your assistance whenever necessary, while also consuming the information conveyed by other users.


Now that you know how to create a LinkedIn profile and get noticed, take time to figure out your networking strategy – who should you connect with and when should you connect? You should also develop a lead generation strategy applying recommended best practices. For more topics on these subjects and others, follow our page Agetake Kreatives or get in touch with us for a free consultation on

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