A while back, a fellow administrator on a Facebook page removed me as administrator, denying me the ability to do anything meaningful on the page. As it was not an amicable removal, I was thrown into a world of pain wondering how I would recover access as it was an important page. Then, suddenly, a light bulb went off over my head – I had registered for a Facebook Business Manager (FBM) account and added this particular page to the account. Recovering my Facebook page admin status from the business manager account was as easy as ABCD.

So what is this Facebook Business Manager Account?

Facebook Business Manager was developed by Facebook for the purpose of adding an extra layer of security to Facebook business pages. This allows you to recover your Facebook page admin status even if a rogue admin revokes your access to the page. As long as you have registered for an FBM account and added that specific page to the FBM account, then you can reclaim your Facebook admin status. The FBM account supports two-factor authentication, which enhances account security even further. 

The Facebook Business Manager account puts all the ad accounts of a business, marketing analytics, catalogs, and other business assets in one place. Business owners can assign different roles to FBM account users, including administrator or employee, and the account makes it possible to give access to partners. The ability to grant access to partners is particularly useful for businesses that rely on digital marketing agencies, such as Agetake Kreatives, to run their Facebook marketing campaigns.  

Generation of a Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Business Manager account also allows administrators to generate a Facebook Pixel. Facebook Pixel is an element of code generated from a Facebook page that one can place in a website to track the Facebook IDs of visitors to the website. This tracking of visitors enhances the chances of lead conversions. Have you ever been to an online shop, added items to your shopping cart, and then left the website without checking out only to see ads related to the items you left on the cart on your Facebook timeline? That is made possible by a Facebook Pixel. This ability to track the Facebook IDs of visitors to your website makes it easy to target those people with Facebook ads, which increases audiences and conversions.      

Other beneficial tasks that businesses can perform from the FBM account include; managing access to linked Instagram accounts for the business, integration of useful digital marketing apps, such as Hootsuite and MailChimp, creation of business projects, management of payment options for Facebook ads, and integration of custom apps for a business.

Registration for a Facebook Business Manager Account

Registration for a Facebook Business Manager account is separate from the usual registration for a Facebook account. However, one has to have a normal Facebook personal account before opening a business manager account here. After opening the FBM account, users can create new Facebook pages or add all the Facebook pages that they administrate to the business account and protect themselves from ever losing their administrative access.   

There you have it, the benefits of having an FBM account extend beyond easy recovery of a Facebook page. Go ahead and register an FBM account today and potentially save yourself from a world of pain in the future. You can consult us on other aspects of digital marketing via info@agetakekreatives.co.ke and learn more about digital marketing by following our blog.