Digital marketing is gradually becoming a marketing tool of choice for many small and medium-sized enterprises and startups in Kenya. It is increasingly appealing to business owners on the basis of affordability, easy accessibility, and easy analysis/evaluation of marketing results.  

Content marketing is a technique that startups and small businesses can utilize, where they create content that’s relevant and interesting to their target audience. Through this medium, companies can capture the interest of their target audience and build trust for future interaction. Content creation can also help a business develop its brand. Customers can better understand why to partner with the business, and any questions they have about the company can be debunked. Additionally, in the digital space, great content often gets featured and shared widely, which could help a startup dominate its target market and add traffic to its website. Good content includes materials like articles, videos, and infographics, designed to target the business’s target audience. Agetake Kreatives has a team of experienced content creators who will ensure that your business reaches all of your target markets through all social media platforms.

Social media is another great avenue for small businesses and startups to market themselves. Much of the global population is on at least one social media platform, and this guarantees that a company will reach its target audience if they market on social media. Social media marketing is an excellent tool since the business has control over what they sell to their audience, and they can monitor the impressions they make on potential customers. Further, setting up social media profiles is free; thus, the business can start social media marketing without dedicating a budget. Finding a suitable social media management partner is also essential for companies that outsource this task. Agetake Kreatives also specializes in social media marketing and advertising, where we handle all clients’ socials, ensuring that they consistently engage with their customers and target audience. We also monitor the growth rate resulting from the social media marketing endeavours, ensuring that customers get relevant information with each engagement.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical facet of marketing for all businesses. Small businesses and startups benefit significantly from SEO because they get leads that often translate into customers. Strategic SEO can help a company get accessed more frequently. Whenever an individual searches an item on the internet, their website and resultant information show up top of the search results and thus gets clicked on more frequently. At Agetake Kreatives, we emphasize SEO such that all our clients can get accessed as often as possible by internet users, since the more leads acquired, the higher the chance of lifetime customers.